Founded in 2008, KARAKTER’s mission is to designs virtual worlds that stand the test of time. Amongst other things, we have helped to develop the world of Horizon for Sony, soon also featured as a Netflix series.


Founded in 2021, MATERIA seeks to entertain the world, by making visual designs for live game content. The studio is predominantly focusing on properties with a stylized look.


Meet me at XDS and Gamescom 2024

I am going represent materia at this year’s XDS and gamescom. Connect with me beforehand or use the event scheduling system to get an exclusive look behind the scenes of our still largely unknown design studio.

AI tools for concept art – a realiable helpling?

The International Games Magazine has interviewed me and others for its newest issue on the emerging role of AI in game development. In the interview, I took the position that AI tools will soon be implemented into common tools like photoshop (note: this prediction has since come true); but that AI will remain a tool amongst others due to its inability to reliably produce consistency, logical interrelations, intellectual depth or visuals which are virtually undescribable. Nevertheless, its efficiency to produce good enough material at virtually no cost might challenge the „high risk, high rewards“ model we are accustomed to.

Read the full article here (German language only).

PANEL: „Blind mirrors – The human struggle of AI in art“

Can AI art ever be copyrighted? What do these new tools mean for creatives? And how predictable is the future really? Future scientist Dr. Bernd Flessner (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), creative director Tobias Mannewitz (Karakter) and copyright attorney Anne Müller discuss the implications of AI for the creation of art at POP KUDAMM, Berlin (Panel starts 19:00)



We want omnipotence without having to rise from our easy chair.

– on product innovations

What a client says that he wants is not always what he needs.

– on the role of a design director

Antiquity never gets old.

– on what is still worth learning in the age of ai

Virtual worlds are holiday destinations for the mind.

– on the deeper needs satisfied by video games and worlds of fantasy

Game visuals only become art when they are interpretable like poetry.

– on the question if videogames can be considered art

Modern architecture seeks to appeal to fellow architects and the investor’s bottom line. Game architecture seeks to enchant the passer-by.

– on what can be learned fom video games


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